From raw plant to finished concentrate, the Summit Extraction Systems are a testament to superior botanical extraction.

Here’s how our innovative, closed-loop extractor leads the market in throughput, efficiency, safety and customer satisfaction.

Excellent Concentrate Quality & Throughput

  • The result is a clean, high-quality bulk concentrate
  • The 5- to 8-pound feed column significantly increases yield by weight (or up to 16 pounds with the T2 expansion)
  • The system preserves the botanical’s health benefits, aroma, and flavor
  • Oil concentrates can be used in any product and infusion
  • The oil pours from of the system (vs. being scraped out)

Better Efficiency & Ease of Use

  • The straightforward design improves productivity and processing speed
  • Each cycle is only 60 minutes due to integrated heating and cooling
  • Use your choice of butane and/or propane solvents
  • Controls are arranged in a left-to-right sequence for an easier run routine
  • The mounted system eliminates heavy lifting and disassembly
  • It’s easy to load, unload, clean and maintain
  • A molecular sieve filled with reusable zeolite beads absorbs water during the recovery process
  • The scissor-lifted warm-water bath expedites distillation and assists with harvesting
  • Our reusable, easy-to-wrap icepack sleeve keeps solvents colder than traditional ice packs and eliminates the need for ice cubes

Dedication to Safety & Compliance

  • We comply with all current safety standards (Engineering Peer Review, International Fire Code, NFPA 58 – Liquid Petroleum Gas Code, and ASME Pressure Vessel)
  • Polished food-grade stainless steel prevents bacterial build-up
  • High-pressure tube fittings provide tight, leak-resistant seals
  • Department of Transportation-approved liquid petroleum storage tanks are safe to move, fill and off-gas
  • Class 1, Division 1 explosion-proof componentry, immersion heater and recovery pump protect you and the equipment
  • The Haskel Ex-420 recovery pump is powered by air instead of electricity

Greater Customer Support & Satisfaction

  • Onsite training to install the system and do your first run
  • A 1-year warranty on the system
  • Additional manufacturer’s warranties on various parts
  • Lifetime customer support, including consulting on hardware and maintenance
  • Choose from 3 temperature-control packages to achieve your desired botanical extraction

Please Contact us for more information regarding our Hydrocarbon Extraction Operator Training. This course is open to those wanting to learn hydrocarbon extraction techniques. Whether you are in the industry or simply want to learn more about extraction, Summit Extraction focuses on safety and proper procedures.