From raw plant to finished concentrate, the Summit Extraction Systems are a testament to superior botanical extraction.

Here’s how our innovative, closed-loop extractor leads the market in throughput, efficiency, safety and customer satisfaction.

Excellent Concentrate Quality & Throughput

  • The result is a clean, high-quality bulk concentrate
  • The 5- to 8-pound feed column significantly increases yield by weight (or up to 16 pounds with the T2 expansion)
  • The system preserves the botanical’s health benefits, aroma, and flavor
  • Oil concentrates can be used in any product and infusion
  • The oil pours from of the system (vs. being scraped out)

Better Efficiency & Ease of Use

  • The straightforward design improves productivity and processing speed
  • Each cycle is only 60 minutes due to integrated heating and cooling
  • Use your choice of butane and/or propane solvents
  • Controls are arranged in a left-to-right sequence for an easier run routine
  • The mounted system eliminates heavy lifting and disassembly
  • It’s easy to load, unload, clean and maintain
  • A molecular sieve filled with reusable zeolite beads absorbs water during the recovery process
  • The scissor-lifted warm-water bath expedites distillation and assists with harvesting
  • Our reusable, easy-to-wrap icepack sleeve keeps solvents colder than traditional ice packs and eliminates the need for ice cubes

Dedication to Safety & Compliance

  • We comply with all current safety standards (Engineering Peer Review, International Fire Code, NFPA 58 – Liquid Petroleum Gas Code, and ASME Pressure Vessel)
  • Polished food-grade stainless steel prevents bacterial build-up
  • High-pressure tube fittings provide tight, leak-resistant seals
  • Department of Transportation-approved liquid petroleum storage tanks are safe to move, fill and off-gas
  • Class 1, Division 1 explosion-proof componentry, immersion heater and recovery pump protect you and the equipment
  • The Haskel Ex-420 recovery pump is powered by air instead of electricity

Greater Customer Support & Satisfaction

  • Onsite training to install the system and do your first run
  • A 1-year warranty on the system
  • Additional manufacturer’s warranties on various parts
  • Lifetime customer support, including consulting on hardware and maintenance
  • Choose from 3 temperature-control packages to achieve your desired botanical extraction