Summit Extraction Systems is committed to helping our clients navigate the world of extraction; providing successful, continuing productivity is our priority. We offer a number of services that will streamline your operation and keep you competitive.

Financing Options Available

Financing options are available for extraction systems and post processing equipment. Summit Extraction offers a variety of solutions to best fit your needs.

Consumable Maintenance Packages

There are a number of components related to extraction that require routine replacement. At Summit Extraction Systems, we understand that it can be time consuming to source and order routine maintenance supplies. Through our Consumable Maintenance Program, we will deliver a reliable supply of consumable routine maintenance items, shipped on a timeline that fits your production schedule.

On-Site Training

Summit Extraction Systems offers exceptional on-site training, which includes: an introduction to extraction, equipment operation, routine maintenance, and safety precautions. An expert  will provide two days of hands on training at your facility.

Technical Support

If you have a mechanical issues that are preventing the normal operation of your equipment; Summit Extraction Systems has extraction technicians on call, ready to provide enhanced technical support for your equiment. If you need on-site repairs, a Summit Extraction Systems Technician can be dispatched to fix the problem at your facility. If you are unsure of where to turn when mechanical or technical issues arise, contact Summit Extraction Systems Technical Support Division.

Upgradeable Parts

The Summit T1 Extraction System offers several upgrades to fine tune your extract process. Parts are interchangeable between upgrade options, giving you maximum flexibility. Upgrade your system as you go, or add-on all of the upgrades to diversify your processing techniques. Learn more about upgrades by contacting Summit Extraction Systems

Custom Requests

If you have a request that fits a specific need, an issue determining the ideal equipment for your operation, or simply a specialized equipment request, Summit Extraction Systems will work with you to provide a unique solution. The Summit Extraction Systems engineers are able to design custom equipment to your exact specifications.