Course Dates
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Course Description

Are you concerned about your extraction operator’s safety?

Do you want to learn the butane extraction process?

At Summit Extraction we aim to set the standard for operator safety and strive to decrease processing times when utilizing our equipment.

Each class offers a unique, hands-on experience with a closed loop extraction system and various post-processing equipment.

Class is limited to 4 students. The program is designed to provide a 4:1 student/instructor ratio for the extraction process and post processing equipment instruction.

One 8-hour class session includes:

  • Botanical Oil Extraction Safety Review
  • Hydrocarbon Extraction Review
  • Operation of a butane/propane (hydrocarbon) extraction system (Summit T1 Extraction System)
  • Performed in a Class 1 Division 1 Extraction Booth
  • Process hemp plant feed
  • Operation of a Rotary Evaporator (Ethanol)
  • Operation of a Vacuum Oven (Post-Purge)
  • Winterization – Filtration of botanical oils
  • Flash Chromatography THC removal (select classes)
  • Chemical Hazards Review
  • Hazardous Location Review