Course Dates
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Course Description

Do you want to learn the hydrocarbon extraction process for botanical oil extraction with hemp?

Each class offers a unique, hands-on experience with a closed loop extraction system and various post-processing equipment.

Class is limited to 4 students. The program is designed to provide a 4:1 student/instructor ratio for the extraction process and post processing equipment instruction.

One 8-hour class session includes:

  • Botanical Oil Extraction Safety Review
  • Hydrocarbon Extraction Review
  • Review of types of hemp extracts
  • Preparing hemp for extraction
  • Operation of a butane/propane (hydrocarbon) extraction system (Summit T1 Extraction System)
  • Performed in a Class 1 Division 1 Extraction Booth
  • Operation of a Rotary Evaporator (Ethanol)
  • Operation of a Vacuum Oven (Post-Purge)
  • Winterization – Plant wax filtration for higher purity
  • Flash Chromatography for isolation (in select classes)
  • Chemical Hazards Review
  • Hazardous Location Review