Laboratory Training Class – $900/student

Each class offers a hands-on extraction experience at a fully functional laboratory. Get real training running equipment commonly found in labs. Class sizes are kept to a minimum (4 students or less) to allow for plenty of individualized attention and opportunity to personally use and handle the equipment. We focus on safety, various grades of extracts, and the process from the raw plant material all the way to extracts. Classes are offered on Mondays and Tuesdays, unless interested in a Privately Scheduled Class.  1-3 hour Same Day and Full Day Next Day Lab Upgrades Available

The class is designed for up to 4 students.


The 4-hour class session includes:

  • Lab Safety Review
  • Solvent comparisons (butane, ethanol, vs. CO2)
  • Preparing extraction
  • Operating extraction system
    • Performed in Extraction Booth
  • Creating high-quality extracts
  • Operation of a Rotary Evaporator
  • Operation of a Vacuum Oven
  • Winterization – Refinement through filtration of plant waxes
  • Refinement of extracts
  • Lunch Provided