Reach Your Peak Processing Potential!

Closed loop hydrocarbon extraction equipment for botanical oil processing. Utilizing a proven process, optimized for maximum performance.

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With higher yields, greater throughput, and ease of operation, Summit Extraction Systems keeps your business productive and profitable. Summit offers turn-key equipment, technical advising, and on-going support.


Summit T1 Extraction System

The Summit T1 Extraction System is a closed-loop hydrocarbon extraction machine designed for maximum throughput, faster processing and superior ease-of-use.

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Why Hydrocarbons?

Hydrocarbons are the most commonly used extraction solvents – and they provide the best results. The Summit T1 Extraction System uses butane and propane hydrocarbons to transform botanical material into premium concentrates.

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The Summit Advantage

From raw plant to finished concentrate, the Summit T1 Extraction System is a testament to superior botanical extraction. Here’s how our innovative, closed-loop extractor leads the market in throughput, efficiency, safety and customer satisfaction. 

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Summit Extraction Systems offers on-site training, extraction advising, custom equipment solutions, and modular upgrades.

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High Capacity Vacuum Ovens

SH Scientific's innovative line of vacuum ovens increase capacity over conventional vacuum ovens by increasing the internal volume and maximizing shelf surface area. 

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