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Closed loop hydrocarbon extraction equipment for botanical oil processing. Utilizing a proven process, optimized for maximum performance.

Summit T1 Extraction System

With higher yields, greater throughput, and ease of operation, Summit Extraction Systems keeps your business productive and profitable. Summit offers turn-key equipment, technical advising, and on-going support.


Summit T1 Extraction System

The Summit T1 Extraction System is a closed loop, extraction system that uses butane or propane as solvents, to safely and efficiently process 5 to 8 pounds of organic material per 60-minute run. Learn More...

Why Hydrocarbons?

Why choose butane or propane for solvent-based extraction? There is a lot to consider when deciding your extraction methodology. Safety, efficiency and yield are key topics. Learn More...

High Capacity Vacuum Ovens

SH Scientific's innovative line of vacuum ovens increase capacity over conventional vacuum ovens by increasing the internal volume and maximizing shelf surface area. Additionally, best-in-class temperature accuracy and more efficient vacuum drying productivity improve your solvent purging process. Learn More...



Summit Extraction Systems offers on-site training, extraction advising, custom equipment solutions, and modular upgrades. Learn More...

The Summit Advantage

Efficiency: Faster recovery times.
Safety: Best-in-class componentry and safety certifications.
Ergonomics: Fully mounted for maximum efficiency.
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